Hello World!

Oh hi, hello there, world. There’re too many reason i’ve been changing blogging platform, from wordpress to tumblr no matter what, i think my will to write is just too low. I’ve never really want to write about anything, especially if my writing should be read by others, yes i hate that obviously (i’m an introvert). But my soon to be wife, let say she enlighten me about writing , she said that i need learn how to write, It’ll help me someday (or something like that). So here i am trying to write anything, let the little guy inside my head to swarm the internet.

So why jekyll? why not using wordpress or tumblr? Because i like github, i use git rather zealously (some people might think i’m over zealous), i like command line, i like markdown, and Github Flavored Markdown. That and i’m just bored with php. And github.io domain seems cool. And then i hope i’ll keep posting on this blog.

I’ll try to post using english in this blog, as hard as possible, probably, dunno. I hope this would be enjoyable, enough to kept me write about stuff, aaaand stuff. That after i could figure out how to make this little monster (homepage file) to behave like list of posts or something like other blogs.

PS: I spent two hours to setup jekyll, on a VPS (yea right, i couldn’t get latest ruby to be installed on my laptop). And i’m gonna destroy the instance, right after this post pushed to github

And if you’re interested in jekyll, read Jekyll Quick Start

Published: June 16 2013

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