Note in The Morning

In the beginning of this year (2013), just like everyone I’ve been making resolution to ourself. One of them is “I have to finish 12 books this year”, and guess what? it’s already December and I’ve only read 5 books. Well thats better than last year, but then it’s still below the target. So here I am with 7 more books to finish before the month’s end.

So to overcome that burden (its not supposed to called burden, but I like it that way) I decided to pick Dr. Seuss’ book so that the rest of the task is within grasp.

But then …..

New Relic is giving free tutsplus so suddenly I’ve got a bunch of free ebooks to read. And so I read more about freelancing business and bla bla bla. Turn out that blogging could be a good side project for freelancer like me.

So wait for my next post about CasperJS :D (and yeah I’ll put some code there)

Published: December 05 2013

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