How to be Productive, My version

Productivity is kind of “dangerous” words for people like me, people who worked remotely. We never get accounted for our presence (except when we need to discuss something with our employer). Most of the time, deliverables are our presence.

So this is how I attempt to be productive :

wake up hours before your company’s starting hour.

  • this way I could deliver something even before the others open their computer, so they have chance to give feedback before lunch.
  • Morning got that “silence feel”. it boost productivity (at least my own)
  • I just don’t get it, but at this hour the internet is blazing fast

start with what you want (or need) to do

  • don’t open email or social media before 10am (or before your official working hour)
  • utilize time you’ve got between your wake up time and official working hour to do something you want to do. Or something that you’ve always had no time for (i’m using the time for writing this blog, reading books, or leisure coding)

take a proper rest

  • Its always better to have small time allocated for focused working session than much more time but exhausted one
  • proper rest makes a better worker. And in the end, better quality product

Moral of the post is: Where the hell is that casper js post?

Published: December 08 2013

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