I'm back, and what I've done.

I’m back, after five years of this blog’s hiatus. I’ve been here and there, working here and there, messing up here and there :)

Since I my latest post I’ve been learning about HTML5 Game more, Hardware Programming (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and some Chinese manufactured Raspi Clone). Start using git in a much better way (it’s my own opinion). Learn other language like Python. More and more into remote working (much better productivity).

Trying to jump in the AI just because it was (and still) interesting topic for me. Nothing concrete for now.

Been attending Hacktoberfest for two time in a row (Mostly beacuse of the swag).

What I did in Open Source.

  • Wemos cat feeder on github.
  • Robotics hand using Javascript on github.
  • Maintaining other Open Source repository on github.
  • Helping people in Stackoverflow.

Where I have work, and what was my role.

  • inMotion as Programmer and Hardware Hacker, I’m introducing git as the default source code management.
  • Upwork most of the time since 2016 I work in this marketplace. Doing coding stuff and other.

Talk or presentation I give.

Everything else noteworthy.

  • Blog at Cangkir Kosong, about me and my wife’s life. Mostly about what we learn on our journey.
  • I’ve read some books recently, check my goodreads if you want to borrow one or two. Mostly I use Kindle, so yeah.
  • I’ve been doing some HTML5 Game, a interactive kinetic display, hardware prototyping, and others I can’t share here. Contact for details.

I think that’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

Published: December 07 2018

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